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Minor Patch 05132016 – Voucher Codes


If you received a game code for Legends of Callasia, just go to the main menu click the Voucher button to enter it. This will grant you access to the full version of the game, unlocking the following:

  • Campaign mode for each faction – unlocks additional maps and heroes
  • Default set of heroes per faction for Skirmish and Multiplayer modes
  • Three limited-edtion heroes exclusive in Early Access

However, we received feedback that some players who have already played the game before redeeming the code did not receive the full content. Please email us at legends[at]boomzap.com and include the email address you used to create the account so we can fix it.

This issue has been fixed in today’s patch.

Thank you!

Patch Notes 05112016 – Bug fixes, campaign adjustments, and more (PC/MAC)

We’re dropping a mid-week update today for final preparation of our Twitch livestream marathon.

  • Added player action priority for Campaign Objectives with turn limits so if you complete said objective on the last turn, the game would treat it as a completed objective.
  • Further adjusted some campaign levels based on user feedback, namely Hundred Kingdoms Campaign 6 and 7, and Revenant Campaign 9.
  • Fixed save game loading bug for maps with closed sea lanes.
  • Allow giving move orders to move onto allied troops; troops will move if ally moves out of the way during end turn.
  • Campaign Ally movement has been adjusted so they will give way to player movement.
  • Added an option to Skip Battles in the Settings.
  • Added a notification for traitorous behavior in Multiplayer games.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

Nonstop Callasia Livestream and Giveaway starts May 11 10PM EST!


After launching on Steam’s Early Access last February, we have finally completed all 30 levels for the single-player Campaign mode and launched ranked multiplayer and leaderboards. To prepare for our full release, our Creative Director Christopher Natsuume will be be playtesting all the campaign levels live on Twitch – nonstop!

Chris will also be chatting with Boomzap staff as well as game developer friends from other companies, sharing development stories and other random topics.

Since each campaign takes about one to two hours, we estimate this marathon to last two whole days without any breaks – no sleeping until every level is completed! We will also be giving away free game codes throughout the stream that will grant players access to the full version of the game (worth $15.99 during Early Access), unlocking all the factions, campaigns, maps, and heroes. Details about an upcoming tournament (with awesome prizes) will also be discussed!

Download the free demo on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com//app/438920

Watch Chris play all the campaigns live at twitch.tv/legendsofcallasia on May 11, 2016 (Wednesday), 10PM EST.*

*7PM PST / May 12 10AM SGT

(Link to Press Release: http://bit.ly/NonstopCallasiaPR)

Patch Notes 05062016 – Campaign Reworks and a bunch of fixes (PC/MAC)

We’ve been revisiting the campaign levels, and reworked some of them based on user feedback. If you have suggestions or feedback on specific campaign levels, feel free to send a message or post a discussion thread, and we’ll see what we can do.

Patch Notes 20160506

  • Reworked Hundred Kingdoms Campaign 3 and 6 based on user feedback. NOTE: If you have an old save file for these campaigns, you might not be able to use those anymore due to the changes we’ve made. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Fixed an exploit for Revenant Campaign 9 by adding turn limits for objectives.
  • Added Discard Unit feature on Organize Units UI. Notice that the units now have an ‘x’ button on their thumbnails, which you can click on to discard said units.
  • Fixed the misplaced end of game message when playing on higher than 1366 x 768 resolution.
  • Fixed Minimize and Cmd+Tab for Mac OS.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

Patch Notes 04292016 – Mac version now available!

It’s another Friday so we’re dropping a new update. We’ve put up the Mac OS version of Legends of Callasia, did some balancing for Hundred Kingdoms campaign, and other optimizations.

  • Release of Mac OS client.
  • Multiplayer and networking optimizations.
  • Balance tweaks to Hundred Kingdoms campaign levels.
  • Fixed an issue that let you teleport from a castle with no Portal built.