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Patch Notes 20170310 – New Map: Thranil


We’ve added a brand new map, Thranil, for up to 4 players! Today’s patch also includes balancing adjustments and bug fixes.


Patch Notes 20170310

  • Units
    • Revenant
      • Adjusted Death Knight’s stats from 40 atk/42 def to 42 atk/38 def.
    • Stoneborne
      • Adjusted Karol’s starting army from 10 Gunners and 2 Artilleries to 10 Gunners, 2 Onagers, 1 Artillery.
      • Adjusted Billy’s starting army from 10 Gunners, 2 Artilleries, and 2 Onagers to 4 Gunners and 3 Artilleries.
  • Cards
    • Fixed Earthquake’s movement cancellation effect
    • Updated Earthquake’s card description to include movement cancellation effect.
  • Maps
    • Added Thranil (4P) map.
  • Other Adjustments
    • Fixed QuickStart option for new maps.
    • Fixed reported typo errors.

For comments and suggestions, drop by our Discord server and watch our livestreams on Twitch. You can also email us at legends@boomzap.com or contact us through the in-game Feedback button.

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com//app/438920
App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1055987925
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.boomzap.aot

Steam Keys, Underground Terrains, and Twitch Party on August 30

Hello again, especially to our Kickstarter backers!

First things first: we sent out the surveys for your backer rewards! Hope you’ll send us the names and info we need (if you still haven’t) so we can start implementing them in the game and have the DLC out as soon as possible. We’ve also sent out the Steam keys for the original game, if you pledged $25 and above. If you didn’t receive anything, please let us know.

And to celebrate the Kickstarter’s success, we would like to invite you all to a Twitch party onAugust 30, 10PM Eastern Standard Time (August 31, 10AM Singapore Time). Watch us live here: twitch.tv/legendsofcallasia

We can play some multiplayer matches on the main Legends of Callasia game, and show you some of our progress for the Stoneborne DLC.

Here are some WIPs of the new terrain types for Stoneborne’s underground maps!


Hope this helps those who are coming up with names for territories and kingdoms as part of their backer rewards. Currently we have the following terrain types: Orevein, Lichen Swamp, Ashwastes, Underplains, Fungal Forest, and Brokenlands.

In case you can’t make it to the livestream, you can chat with us over at our Discord server. The dev team is there as well as other Callasia players looking for people to play with. We’ll also post game updates and our stream schedules there.

Here’s the link to our Discord server: discord.me/legendsofcallasia

You can also send us a PM with your Discord username if you’d like to be tagged as one of our Kickstarter backers, and get automatic street cred!

Again, thank you very much for your support. See you at the Twitch party!

Patch Notes v1.0.2.11 – Unit Tweaks, Steam Trading Cards, New Peasants and Bug Fixes

We just dropped a small mid-week patch that should hopefully fix the scaling issues when playing the game on higher resolutions. We’ve also adjusted the Phoenix and Ballista stats for further balancing.

Patch Notes v1.0.2.11

  • General
    • Fixed reported scaling issues when playing the game on higher than 1080p resolution.
  • Units
    • Adjusted stats of Phoenix to 20 Attack and 30 Defense from 22 Attack and 30 Defense.
    • Adjusted stats of Ballista to 42 Attack and 20 Defense from 38 Attack and 18 Defense.
  • Other Adjustments
    • Added Legends of Callasia Steam Trading cards.
    • Updated unit art and icon for Peasant units.
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes and network optimizations.

20160720233717_1 20160720233720_1 20160720233724_1

Patch Notes v1.0.1.10 – Card Adjustments, Bug Fixes, and Game Improvements

We have a new update which includes adjustments and fixed based on comments we received from our players. Run Away has now been changed to Loot Corpses. Thanks again for sending us your feedback!

Patch Notes v1.0.1.10

  • Campaign
    • Fixed ally AI behavior for Hundred Kingdoms Campaign 6 to make them avoid taking over parts of Novali.
    • Text fixes for Revenant Campaign 9.
  • Cards
    • Replaced Run Away card with Loot Corpses card. This new card is a Rogue card that let’s you steal gold from an enemy during a battle.
    • Fixed a bug that let Hidden Treasure be playable on enemy/neutral territories even if you don’t have a Hero on said territories.
    • Adjusted descriptions for Peasant Revolt, Summon Tentaklor, Mercenaries, and Power of the Woods.
  • Other Adjustments
    • Support vsync on PC: add “–vsync” command line via Set Launch Options to enable vsync.
    • Dolmens are disabled in skirmishes without a time limit.
    • Improved game setup algorithms and added additional network monitoring to help track down lag issues.
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes and network optimizations.

Patch Notes v1.0.1.6 – Account Creation Overhaul, Game Adjustments, and Bug Fixes

We just released an update which primarily changed our system for Account Creation due to a lot of feedback regarding the activation email not being received. There’s also a bunch of game adjustments and bug fixes for this one.

We’re also keeping the price of the game at USD 19.99 due to the issue regarding the verification of email addresses to make sure everyone gets a chance to get the game at said price.

Patch Notes v1.0.1.6

  • Account Creation Overhaul
    • New accounts will now require an alphanumeric account name.
    • New accounts do not require an email address.
    • Adding an email address to an account is now optional.
    • Previous accounts that used an email address will still be able to login by using their email address as the account name.
    • NOTE: We are going to be trying out this new system for now due to a lot of feedback from the players that do not receive the activation email. We’ll be constantly reviewing this and we might decide to do more adjustments or add restrictions in the future.
  • Gameplay Adjustments
    • Chat while setting up a game is now limited to that room only; use /yell (or /y) to send a message to players in the lobby.
    • Changed the behavior of Raze to always completely destroy an Improvement regardless of ownership.
    • Adjusted Savil’s Horde Master trait to provide 35 Population Limit instead of 50.
    • Adjusted Barrage unit trait to deal full damage to one target, and 50% damage to up to 1-3 other targets. Affected units – Archers, Furies, and Gunners.
    • Added Bombardment unit trait which deals full damage to one target, and 20% damage to up to 3-5 other targets. Changed Ballista and Artillery trait to Bombardment.
    • Changed Frontline unit trait to let Barrage, Bombardment, and Trample to hit multiple targets. With this change, Frontline units will always be the primary target of Barrage/Bombardment units while the other units can still be hit by the splash damage. For Trample, the excess damage can now carry over to other units if the Frontline units die from the Trample attack.
  • Campaign Adjustments
    • Revised Win Condition for the final objective of Human Campaign #7.
    • Fixed an issue regarding Revenant Campaign #2, #5, and #7 regarding enemy army color.
    • Fixed an issue where two of the Orc Tribes in Revenant Campaign #7 do not spawn heroes.
  • Card Adjustments
    • Shield Bearers and Fine Armor can now be played on non-Merchant heroes.
    • Fixed the issue with Partisans card providing more reinforcements to a Neutral Army when played on an ongoing battle.
    • Adjusted armies for Peasant Revolt, Summon Tentaklor, Power of the Woods, and Mercenaries.
    • Neutral Heroes spawned from Peasant Revolt, Summon Tentaklor, Power of the Woods, and Mercenaries will now start occupying the territory after one turn and their occupy state will now properly be broken if they are attacked.
  • Map Adjustments
    • Added the Thessonian Sea as a playable 2-player map. Note: Tutorial must be finished to unlock.
    • Adjusted starting kingdom for Position 1 of The Isthmus for balancing.
    • Added a new sea lane for Sargoth connecting Eastern Sargoth and Stonecutters Landing.
    • Fixed alignment issue regarding the Kingdom names for The Isthmus.
  • Others
    • Fixed an issue of not being able to reconnect if you get booted or disconnected from a Multiplayer game due to unstable connection.
    • Show your Display Name in Main Menu.
    • Adjusted sound for button click and mouse over.
    • Adjusted UI and text for Account Management due to Account Creation Overhaul.
    • Added info on how much gold you earn for that turn on the Seasons part of the UI.
    • Adjusted in-game emotes.
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes and game stability updates.