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Patch Notes v1.0.2.13 – New Tutorial and Bug Fixes


We just released a new update which adds a second tutorial for advanced gameplay and other bug fixes.

Patch Notes v1.0.2.13

  • Campaign
    • Fixed broken objective for Faeborne campaign 6.
    • Text fixes for Faeborne Campaign 9.
    • Added tutorial 2 “The Katmon Isles”.
  • Other Adjustments
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes and ui adjustments.

Patch Notes v1.0.2.12 – In-Game Encyclopedia and Card Changes

We just updated Legends of Callasia to v1.0.2.12. This update contains a bunch of changes to card usability as we’re now allowing Reinforce and “Battle” (those that affect battles) cards to be played on Allies. We’ve also added an In-Game Encyclopedia where you can view Hero, Units, Cards, and Structure information without having to go in a game.

Patch Notes v1.0.2.12

  • General
    • Added In-Game Encyclopedia. The Encyclopedia contains Hero, Units, Cards, and Structure data and can be accessed from the Main Menu.
  • Cards
    • All Reinforce cards (including Creeping Death) can now be played on Ally’s Heroes. If you and your ally are using different races, the card automatically converts the units to the recipient’s race (i.e. A Faeborne player uses a Reinforce Phoenixes on a Revenant ally, the Revenant ally gets Wyverns instead of Phoenixes).
    • Cards that directly affect battles can now also be played on Allies. Below is the list of affected cards.
      • Rallying Cry
      • Flaming Missiles
      • Shieldbearers
      • Fine Armor
      • Raise The Dead
      • Forced March
      • Trample
      • Charge
  • Other Adjustments
    • Improved Network Turn Synching.
    • Possible fix for Player orders being dropped. If you still encounter this issue after this patch, please send us an In-Game Feedback or email us atlegends@boomzap.com.
    • Fixed the visual bug for Starting Gold that occurred when changing Player Color.
    • Adjusted Hero, Card, and Structure description for better messaging.
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes and network optimizations.




Patch Notes v1.0.2.11 – Unit Tweaks, Steam Trading Cards, New Peasants and Bug Fixes

We just dropped a small mid-week patch that should hopefully fix the scaling issues when playing the game on higher resolutions. We’ve also adjusted the Phoenix and Ballista stats for further balancing.

Patch Notes v1.0.2.11

  • General
    • Fixed reported scaling issues when playing the game on higher than 1080p resolution.
  • Units
    • Adjusted stats of Phoenix to 20 Attack and 30 Defense from 22 Attack and 30 Defense.
    • Adjusted stats of Ballista to 42 Attack and 20 Defense from 38 Attack and 18 Defense.
  • Other Adjustments
    • Added Legends of Callasia Steam Trading cards.
    • Updated unit art and icon for Peasant units.
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes and network optimizations.

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Patch Notes v1.0.1.10 – Card Adjustments, Bug Fixes, and Game Improvements

We have a new update which includes adjustments and fixed based on comments we received from our players. Run Away has now been changed to Loot Corpses. Thanks again for sending us your feedback!

Patch Notes v1.0.1.10

  • Campaign
    • Fixed ally AI behavior for Hundred Kingdoms Campaign 6 to make them avoid taking over parts of Novali.
    • Text fixes for Revenant Campaign 9.
  • Cards
    • Replaced Run Away card with Loot Corpses card. This new card is a Rogue card that let’s you steal gold from an enemy during a battle.
    • Fixed a bug that let Hidden Treasure be playable on enemy/neutral territories even if you don’t have a Hero on said territories.
    • Adjusted descriptions for Peasant Revolt, Summon Tentaklor, Mercenaries, and Power of the Woods.
  • Other Adjustments
    • Support vsync on PC: add “–vsync” command line via Set Launch Options to enable vsync.
    • Dolmens are disabled in skirmishes without a time limit.
    • Improved game setup algorithms and added additional network monitoring to help track down lag issues.
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes and network optimizations.

Patch Notes v1.0.1.9 – Card Changes and Quality of Life Adjustments

Patch Notes v1.0.1.9

  • General
    • Added a Win Condition popup when the game starts.
    • Added a Surrender popup message when a player surrenders mid-game.
    • Updated UI with Unit Stat display to show up to 4-digits.
    • Fixed Unit Training UI to commit changes when switching to another panel.
    • Allow Organize action on garrisons without a hero so you can disband those units.
    • Disable win by VP has been made the default scenario option for all game modes.
    • Fixed an issue that didn’t allow for No Turn Limit on Skirmish mode.
  • Cards
    • We’ve removed the restrictions for some cards so you only need to have an awakened specific hero class (Warrior, Rogue, Mercenary, Wizard) to use said cards instead of only being able to play them on territories where those specific hero classes are currently on. Below is a list of affected cards.
    • Warrior
      • Rallying Cry, Flaming Missiles, Charge, and Trample can now be played globally.
    • Rogue
      • Run Away, Forced March, and Hidden Treasure can now be played globally.
    • Wizard
      • Raise the Dead can now be played globally.
  • Other Adjustments
    • Card Descriptions and Error Messages updated to better reflect what they do.
    • Added Faction Icons as Emblems.
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes and network optimizations.