Q: Why is there a free-to-play version?

A: Since this is a cross-platform game, we wanted to make sure that our players won’t have to purchase again if they want to play on another device such as a mobile tablet. All you have to do is to log in to your account and all progress you made will be unlocked.

Q: What does the demo include? What is the difference from the full version?

A: The game will be a free download on all platforms, with two tutorial levels, three playable maps, 4 default heroes per faction (16 in total), the first levels of each campaign, and unlimited casual multiplayer playtime. Anyone can grab a copy and play these content with a limited selection of armies and heroes, and determine if they want to unlock the full version. You can also join any map, even those which are still locked, if it’s hosted by another player. Once you purchase the full game, you will unlock all heroes from the three original factions (27 in total), 10 levels per campaign, all maps, and ranked multiplayer mode.The Stoneborne heroes, maps, and campaigns are available as a separate DLC purchase.

Q: How will the payment for the game work? You’re going to be playable on PC, Mac, iPad, and Android – and all in one account?

A: The full game can be bought as a DLC on Steam, or as an in-app purchase on the iOS and Android versions. Paying to unlock the full version will require making an account. This account is then available on any device we support at no extra charge. So, if you bought the content on your iPad, it will be available for free on your PC, as long as you use the same account. Additional content will be treated the same way.

Q: Why do I need to create an account and enter my email address?

A: An account is required to purchase the full game. You can even make multiple accounts per Steam account. We have a unified account system which allows you to use one account and carry your progress across all platforms (PC, Mac, iOS, Android). Your account will allow you to play multiplayer, and help us fix any issues you may be encountering with your game. Adding an email address is completely optional, but it can be used to recover your account in case you have forgotten your password.

Q: How do I access my account from another device? When I try to log in, it doesn’t unlock the full content.

A: You can access the full content and use the same account on any platform by activating your account. Here are the instructions

1. Go to Profile and create a Legends of Callasia account (if you already have one, click change account to go to the login screen)
2. Log in to the account and make sure that the status above your emblem says ‘Online’
3. Once logged in, click on the Activate button on the left side of the main menu
4. Once activated, log in using the same account on any platform to access the full content

Q: But when I log in it says ‘Account not recognized’. What do I do?

A: Please make sure you are logging in with your account name (not display name). If you created an account during Early Access, please enter your email address as your account name. If it still doesn’t work, we suggest resetting your password.

Q: How do I reset or change my password?

A: We have an in-game User Account Recovery that allows you to reset the password of a LoC account that’s tied to a Steam account. You can try this by:

1. Logging in to the Steam account you used when creating the LoC account.
2. Launch the game and go to Profile.
3. Once on the Profile menu, click on Change Account.
4. When you’re on the Account Info page, click on Reset Password.
5. The User Account Recovery popup should appear, click on the “I don’t know, but I am on a Steam account” option (bottom one).
6. It should reveal all the LoC accounts associated with the Steam account you’re currently logged into. Click on the account you wish to reset the password and a new password should be generated.
7. Login to the account using the new generated password and then just change your password.

Q: How do I sync my progress across all devices?

A: Make sure you are always logged in and online when playing the game, so that all progress is backed up on our server.

Q: How do I sync my achievements on Steam?

A: Check the indicator on the main menu beside the Profile button. A Steam icon will appear if you are logged in to the Steam account you were using when you created your in-game account. Make sure that you are online when you originally unlocked the achievement.

Q: What do the symbols in the multiplayer lobby mean?

A: The status icons beside the player names indicate if they are available to play (green), idle/away (yellow), or currently in-game (red). If in-game, there will be a player icon if it’s in single-player mode, or a crossed swords icon if in multiplayer. You can refresh the list by clicking the R button on the upper right corner, or invite players to a game you’re hosting by selecting the parchment/scroll button.

Q: Can I host a game and restrict it to only be accessible by friends?

A: Yes. When selecting a map, you can click the Lock icon in the map preview to make it private and add a password.

Q: Can we play on the same device?

A: Unfortunately not. Legends of Callasia only has online multiplayer, and each player must create an account in order to play.

Q: What does simultaneous turn-based multiplayer mean?

A: Each month in the game is considered one turn. Unlike hotseat-style games where you wait for each player to make a turn, players can plan and resolve their moves all at the same time. This makes games faster, and adds another level of strategy in predicting your opponent’s moves. There in so time limit when playing in skirmish mode. However, in multiplayer mode, a timer begins after one player presses end turn and you must all make your moves within that period.

Q: During which months can I draw cards and how much income do I make?

A: They are drawn during the following months: Early Spring, Late Spring, High Summer, Early Autumn, Late Autumn, Deepest Winter (every other turn). Underground maps, on the other hand, have different seasons. Cards are drawn during: High Sprout, High Spore, High Wilt (every 3 turns). Some cards are faction-specific or class-specific. You can also check the season indicator on the upper right to see how much income you get as well. Summer has the highest income, while Winter has the lowest. In the underground maps, Spore and Sprout have higher incomes than Wilt. You can check the exact info in the season indicator on the upper right corner – it says the percentage of income for that month and the number of cards you can get.

Q: Are all battles just auto-resolved or is there anything I can do to control my units and their actions?

A: Battles are automatically resolved and happens in two phases: missile units attack first, and melee units second. Since they possess unique traits, you can create different unit combinations depending on your strategy and even use cards and heroes to boost their attack or defense. You can speed up the battle animations by clicking at least once, or skip it altogether under the Settings menu.

Q: Will there be more DLCs?

A: As of writing, there is no definite plan to add a new DLC to the game. What we will be doing is to continue adding new maps and make necessary balancing adjustments and bug fixes based on feedback we receive.


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