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Patch Notes 20160305 (PC)


We have a new update featuring new campaigns and a limited-edition hero as a thank you gift to those who purchased Early Access! 

  • Introduced Faeborne Campaign 3 and Revenant Campaign 1. A new Map will be unlocked upon finishing each campaign level. 
  • Introduced a new Early Access Human hero. Those who already purchased Early Access should have it unlocked when you log into the game. 
  • Added a system that checks for duplicate names when creating a new account or changing your display name. 
  • Added prototype to in-game chat tabs. 
  • Alliance between players or AI is more prominently shown while in game. 
  • Added new critters. 
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

To get a glimpse of other upcoming updates, catch our weekday livestreams at 12NN SGT / 8PM PST on our official Twitch channel: http://www.twitch.tv/legendsofcallasia


Patch Notes 20160226 (PC)

A new patch is up on Steam with the following changes:

  • Introduced Faeborne Campaign with 2 new scenarios.
  • Introduced email verification system. This is to ensure that the account you create is attached to a valid email that you can use to contact us with for support issues.
  • Prototyped an achievement system. The current working implementation does not yet sync to Steam. (We’re currently working on how these achievements will automatically sync to Steam’s achievement system.)
  • Fixed a bug where loading from a save game prevents training new units or awakening heroes.
  • AI tweaking and improvements.
  • Click on the clouds! Click on the clouds!
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bugfixes

Patch Notes 20160219 (PC)

We have a new update available for Legends of Callasia! 


  • Introduced additional 2 scenarios to the Hundred Kingdom campaign. 
  • Fix loading from a saved game will not properly restore a skirmish’s turn limit properly. 
  • The user list in the lobby screen now shows an additional set of status indicators that determine if a user is available, away or busy. 
  • When a user is disconnected or dropped from a game for any reason, fix the possibility that the user remained disconnected improperly. 
  • Fix a bug where it is possible to access the hire and awaken panels over an enemy city or structure. 
  • Added the ability for a game host to “poke” a player who hasn’t committed by clicking the Start button; a user who remains idle and away from keyboard will also eventually get disconnected automatically. 
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes.