Patch Notes (20170612) – Anniversary Update: New Maps!


Hey Callasians!

It’s been a year since Legends of Callasia officially launched on Steam and to celebrate, we’ve added not just one but THREE NEW MAPS! Download the latest patch to get the new content (available on the full version only).

Magerock (2P)

Spinning out into the darkness from the larger Tourmalan Isles lie the small isles that surround the shallow Blindfish Sea. In many places shallow enough for even a Stoneborne child to stand, its sandy floor separates a series of wild sparsely populated isles. It is a forgotten land, an afterthought often forgotten on even the best maps of the Great Undersea.

The Heatherlands (2P)

The twin Kingdoms of Turan and The Heatherlands lay on either side of the thick Deadleaf Jungle, separated by a shallow and treacherous bay of the same name. it is a land of heat, storms, and wild animals that prowl beneath massive fronts of unmapped jungles.

Hapi Throne (6P)

The Inner and Outer Squid Seas lie within the embracing arms of the Southern coast of Alyssia, placid waters that run surprisingly deep, rich in sealife and questionable creatures. At the center of this sea lies the ancient sacred Isle of Hapi, the spiritual hear of Alyssia.

This update also includes name changes in The Neck (8P).

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