Ranked Tournament in partnership with XSplit


[10/8/2016: Winners announced here.]

We are also launching a rank-based tournament in partnership with Xsplit, where we are giving away prizes such as cash, Xsplit licenses, and copies of the full game and upcoming DLC to the top players. The leaderboard will be reset and the tournament takes place September 8 to October 7, 2016. Users on PC, Mac, and iOS can all join!


Who Can Join:

  • Must have paid version of the game (PC, Mac, or iOS) to unlock Ranked MP
  • Must play Ranked MP during the duration of the tournament


  1. Anyone who has purchased the game can join the tournament by playing ranked multiplayer mode.
  2. Player must host or join a ranked multiplayer match. Ranked MP matches are random and you cannot select who you are playing against.
  3. By default, players have 1000 rank points. Points are earned by winning ranked MP matches, but are lost by losing and/or surrendering. Players with higher points will rank higher in the leaderboard.
  4. The leaderboard will be reset before the start of the tournament. Players who reach certain ranks or points in the leaderboard at the end of the tournament will win prizes.


  • Rank 1 –  $200 USD, Copy of Legends of Callasia, Copy of Stoneborne DLC, 1-year XSplit License
  • Rank 2 – Copy of Legends of Callasia, Copy of Stoneborne DLC, 3-month XSplit License
  • Rank 3 – Copy of Legends of Callasia, Copy of Stoneborne DLC, 1-month XSplit License
  • Rank 4 – Copy of Stoneborne DLC, 1-month XSplit License
  • Rank 5 – Copy of Stoneborne DLC, 1-month XSplit License

Map WIPs, Campaign Playtest, Card Art, and Hero Portraits (Plus: Art Contest!)

Hey all!

The Stoneborne DLC is slowly coming together, and we’d like to remind those who haven’t sent in their survey responses yet to do so by the end of this week! We need all the names for the territories, kingdoms, maps, and heroes so we can write them into the game.

If you tuned it to yesterday’s livestream on our Twitch channel, we’ve already put in some of the underground maps (but no decals yet) and have started on the Stoneborne campaign levels.


We’ll continue to tweak and adjust these maps and campaigns before the actual release.

You’ll see that some of the new cards (Stoneborne-specific and generic ones) are already working quite well in the game.

Dwarf Fury card art
Dwarf Fury card art

Meanwhile, we are also polishing some of the portraits for the Cavespawn heroes and units.

Giant rodent hero from the Cavespawn faction
Giant rodent hero from the Cavespawn faction

Speaking of art, we have just launched the Callasia Art Challenge! We are inviting artists to create fanart based on the world of Callasia for a chance to win cash prizes and free copies of the game. First WIPs must be submitted on or before September 23 via Discord. The full mechanics are posted here: legends.boomzap.com/contests/

Also, watch out for our iPad launch and tournament next week!

For comments and suggestions, just send us a PM on our social media pages. You can also email us at legends@boomzap.com or contact us through the in-game Feedback button.