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Stoneborne Beta, MP Games, and weekly progress report


[Originally posted on Kickstarter]

Hey everyone!

We are counting down the days to the release of The Stoneborne DLC! Next week, we are holding Dwarf multiplayer games with our closed beta group on Twitch, and we are gearing towards launching the DLC on the week of October 17 (if nothing bad happens). If you want to join the beta group, let us know in the #omg-dwarves channel on Discord.

Here’s a video of one of the dev-only multiplayer sessions we had this week. You’ll see that most of the backer suggestions for names are in!

More videos available on Twitch. Speaking of streams, we will be guesting in The Show with No Name on Sunday, October 9, 8PM EST.

Some of the other things we’ve done this week are:

  • Changing the Stoneborne’s Artillery unit into a giant cannon
  • Changing the original Artillery into a hero: Billy
  • Implementing and testing the new seasons
  • Playtesting and adjusting the Stoneborne campaigns and maps
  • Continuing to make, name, and decorate more maps
  • Updating the world map
Artillery Billy vs Artillery Cannon
Artillery Billy vs Artillery Cannon

Legends of Callasia has also been nominated in the first International Mobile Gaming Awards in Southeast Asia. Please vote for us here: http://sea.imgawards.com/winners-nominees/1st-imga-southeastasia/

Today is also the last day of submissions for the Callasia Art Challenge, and the cut-off for therank-based tournament. We will announce the winners on Discord and post the artworks for public voting on Facebook.

For comments and suggestions, just send us a PM on Kickstarter or our other social media pages. You can also email us at legends@boomzap.com or contact us through the in-game Feedback button.

Map WIPs, Campaign Playtest, Card Art, and Hero Portraits (Plus: Art Contest!)

Hey all!

The Stoneborne DLC is slowly coming together, and we’d like to remind those who haven’t sent in their survey responses yet to do so by the end of this week! We need all the names for the territories, kingdoms, maps, and heroes so we can write them into the game.

If you tuned it to yesterday’s livestream on our Twitch channel, we’ve already put in some of the underground maps (but no decals yet) and have started on the Stoneborne campaign levels.


We’ll continue to tweak and adjust these maps and campaigns before the actual release.

You’ll see that some of the new cards (Stoneborne-specific and generic ones) are already working quite well in the game.

Dwarf Fury card art
Dwarf Fury card art

Meanwhile, we are also polishing some of the portraits for the Cavespawn heroes and units.

Giant rodent hero from the Cavespawn faction
Giant rodent hero from the Cavespawn faction

Speaking of art, we have just launched the Callasia Art Challenge! We are inviting artists to create fanart based on the world of Callasia for a chance to win cash prizes and free copies of the game. First WIPs must be submitted on or before September 23 via Discord. The full mechanics are posted here: legends.boomzap.com/contests/

Also, watch out for our iPad launch and tournament next week!

For comments and suggestions, just send us a PM on our social media pages. You can also email us at legends@boomzap.com or contact us through the in-game Feedback button.

Kickstarter Update: [Day 23] One week left. Still working towards $4,000 stretch goal!

(Kickstarter Update #4)

Hey guys!

We have 7 days left for the Kickstarter campaign, and though we’ve reached our original funding goal and our first stretch goal (5 additional maps), we’re less than $500 USD away from our next stretch goal of $4,000 (playable Cavespawn).

Some of the limited high-tier rewards we have left are:

  • Uber Spawn ($500): Design a Cavespawn Hero – 1 slot left
  • Legend ($250): Design a Map – 3 slots left
  • Hero ($100): Name a Cavespawn Hero – 4 slots left

We’d also like to share with you the art process in making one of the new Stoneborne heroes. Here’s a timelapse video from sketch to final portrait. His name will come from one of the backers who pledged the Hero reward.

Again, thank you to everyone who has pledged so far and those who continue spreading the word about our project! We’re also grateful to those who have been dropping by on Twitch and Discord. Please continue supporting us and help us make the Stoneborne DLC a great game!

Livestream Schedule for Twitch

Hi everyone!

Thanks again for checking out the game. As part of our Early Access, we’re opening our dev process through regular livestreams on our Twitch channel! Follow us to get notifications on when we are live: http://www.twitch.tv/legendsofcallasia

Here’s our current stream schedule (time and content may be subject to change without prior notice = game devs have flexible schedules!):

  • Monday 11AM SGT / Sunday 7PM PST: Weekly Status Update
  • Tuesday 12NN SGT / Monday 8PM PST: Playtesting/ Behind-the-Scenes
  • Wednesday 12NN SGT / Tuesday 8PM PST: Playtesting/ Behind-the-Scenes
  • Thursday 12NN SGT / Wednesday 8PM PST: Playtesting/ Behind-the-Scenes
  • Friday 12NN SGT / Thursday 8PM PST: Live Multiplayer

We’ll update you every week with our project plans, including where we are on our roadmap for Legends of Callasia. Behind-the-Scenes includes us playtesting upcoming features, maybe some scripting or painting, and other actual work. Comments and thoughts while we’re actually working are highly encouraged. You can also join us in multiplayer if you are online! Let us know if there’s anything else you want to see on our streams.

Here’s our latest broadcast with Chris and Nelson playtesting the new Faeborne campaigns (also Chris does a little dance somewhere in there): http://www.twitch.tv/legendsofcallasia/v/50220958

If you are also on Twitch, tell us if you will be livestreaming Legends of Callasia so we can host you. If you’re interested, we’re eager to supply you with whatever you need to make the stream awesome – including free game codes to use for your streams and giveaway to your viewers! Contact us for details: legends@boomzap.com

Let us know your thoughts! Hope you enjoy.