Update #7 – Game Inspirations



A quick backstory on how Legends of Fire & Steel started – it was a completely different game! We had been deep in the development of a trading simulation game where you sail ships across oceans and unlock new ports to trade with, but we decided we wanted something different.

We’ve mentioned Civilization, Crusader Kings, and Heroes of Might and Magic several times, but our most important inspirations are actually Risk and Diplomacy. Meanwhile, the character art was the same style we had been using for years in our casual adventure games like Awakening.

Update #4 – More About Our Game Idea



Again, we thank you for helping us fund this project. For us, it means that either you support the new direction our studio is taking, or that you believe in our game idea and want to see it actually happen (or could be another reason, and we thank you still the same).

So what is our idea actually?

We want to make a game that:

  • We also like to play: a multiplayer strategy game
  • Plays well on a tablet, so we can relax at the same time
  • Solves the age-old problem of multiplayer games: no waiting for other players to finish their turns
  • Is not free-to-play: no energy requirement, no stopping players at certain levels, no buying victories – you win because you’re the better player
  • Challenges players to become the best: leaderboards that rank users worldwide, per region, per map, etc.

And that’s it for today’s update. Please help us make this campaign successful by telling your friends about us on Facebook, Twitter, and everywhere else. The more people who pledge, the closer we are to our goal. Again, thank you very much!

We’re on Kickstarter!

Our Kickstarter campaign for Legends of Fire & Steel has officially started! Please help us reach our funding goal of $50,000 in 30 days.

Watch the video below to know more about the team and this project. Read our story on our Kickstarter page and find out the awesome rewards that await our very generous backers.

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Your support and feedback will be much appreciated. Together, let us make this game something truly special.