Summer Sale – Legends of Callasia at 40% off! (New Patch v1.0.1.8)


Save 40% on Legends of Callasia as part of Steam’s Summer Sale! Offer ends July 4th, 10AM Pacific Time.

The full game is now in the Premium section on Steam as a DLC, which means you can now also gift copies of the game for your friends. We initially launched as Free to Play, with a single optional unlock payment to play across all platforms (Steam, as well as the upcoming Mobile platforms). Feedback from our users indicate that while people love the game, many are confused/troubled by its inclusion in the Free to Play store. We’ve heard our users and spent the last few weeks rewriting our user management system (no need to register emails anymore) and moving over the game to the right category.

For players who have already purchased the game through the Free to Play store, your account with the game is still completely valid, and your game should work fine. However, since it was unlocked as a Free to Play game, it may still be listed in your Steam library as a “demo” – which we realize may trouble some people. As such, we’re also sending a Steam Key to everyone who bought the game. Using that will change your game to “Premium” listing in your library. :)

As always, you can install the game here:

Today’s patch also includes the following changes:

  • Adjusted AI behavior for Hundred Kingdoms 10 and Faeborne 1 campaigns
  • Updated portrait for Peasant Revolt hero

For feedback, suggestions, and other concerns, feel free to get in touch at

Thank you and hope you enjoy!