War rages across the lands in fantasy strategy game Legends of Callasia! [Press Release]


Inspired by Civilization, Heroes of Might & Magic, and Risk, Boomzap launches an original simultaneous multiplayer game on Steam for PC and Mac

June 10, 2016 – Legends of Callasia, the fantasy-themed strategy game by top Southeast Asian game developer Boomzap Entertainment, begins its full release on Steam with a week-long sale event. Inspired by classic turn-based strategy games like Civilization, Heroes of Might & Magic, and Risk, Legends of Callasia adds an original simultaneous gameplay mechanic that keeps games moving quickly, even in multiplayer mode while adding deep strategy elements. Easy to pick up and learn, the game has a classic tabletop feel, allowing players to build and control heroes and armies, build castles and cities, and control territories and kingdoms.

The game includes 30 playable single-player campaign missions, over 35 multiplayer and skirmish maps, and thousands of lands to control!  There are three factions to choose from – The Hundred Kingdoms, The Faeborne, and The Revenant – each with their own unique heroes, units, and cards. Players can plan and resolve their turns all at the same time, without waiting for others to finish. This makes for faster games, and adds another strategic element in predicting other players’ moves during online multiplayer.

As part of the launch, Boomzap is giving away amazing prizes through an upcoming tournament. Winning players may become a part of the game by naming territories and maps in the game. The grand winner will be made into a new playable hero!

Download Legends of Callasia from Steam and start practicing for the tournament to be immortalized in the game! The full version is available for $24.99 USD (discounted at $19.99 USD until June 17, 2016), while a separate demo version can be downloaded for free. More details available at legends.boomzap.com.


About Boomzap:

Boomzap Entertainment is a virtual game development studio headquartered in Singapore, and is proud to be a regional leader in the rapidly growing Southeast Asian game development industry. Since its formation in 2005, Boomzap has developed and released over 40 game titles on PC, Mac, Wii, iPad, iPhone and Android, winning multiple awards and selling tens of millions of units worldwide, making it one of the top casual game studios in the industry today. Learn more about Boomzap at www.boomzap.com, or follow their social media pages for updates: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit

Game Information:

Contact: legends@boomzap.com

Patch Notes 20160609 – 8-Player Maps, Adjustments, and Bug Fixes

We’re introducing some more changes to the in-game seasons (turns), in-game UI, and balance changes. Here’s the run down of what has been changed for this patch.

  • Card Adjustments
    • Adjusted Imperial Guards and all Reinforce cards (including Creeping Death) to be allowed to play even during a battle.
    • Adjusted Portal card to allow building a Portal on any occupied territory or a city.
    • Adjusted card weight for Peasant Revolt, Power of the Woods
      (now also summons a Treant Hero with a bunch of treants on a forest-type terrain), and Summon Tentaklor.
    • Changed the name of Stealth card to Forced March for better messaging of its effects.
    • Added card art for Bribery, Traitor, Siege Machinery, Partisans, and Steal.
    • Updated card art for Forced March.
  • Hero and Unit Adjustments
    • Dalgar, Savil, Izmuth, and Tigris can now be reawakened in 4 turns.
    • Renamed Quartermaster trait to Hordemaster and adjusted it to add 50 to Population Limit.
    • Adjusted Starting Armies.
    • Toned down Orc and Dwarf units to be more inline with other factions.
    • Adjusted armies for Peasant Revolt and Summon Tentaklor.
    • Added text on where to Unlock Heroes when viewing them in Select Heroes UI.
  • Campaign Adjustments
    • Adjusted difficulty for the first 3 campaign levels for each faction.
    • Fixed the complete condition for take the City of Aldhammer on Hundred Kingdoms Campaign 3.
    • Adjusted starting army for Zandalas on Faeborne Campaign 10.
    • Adjusted player’s starting army, fixed the trigger that allowed evil Izmuth and Ter to show up even after you’ve taken over Istmar, adjusted enemy AI, and added new Revenant event for Faeborne Campaign 5.
    • Adjusted player’s starting army on Revenant Campaign 6.
    • Added icons for objectives in Campaign levels.
    • Rewrote most of the Campaign text for a better story.
  • Map Adjustments
    • Added 6 NEW Maps – two 6-player maps (The Hand and Silverpeaks), four 8-player maps (Icepike, Jadethrone, Stormbight, and The Neck).
    • Updated Map thumbnails.
    • Adjusted the Map Select UI to show all available maps and provide info on where to unlock currently locked maps.
    • Added a new kingdom for The Isthmus.
  • Achievement Adjustments
    • Added a new achievement for Completing the Tutorial.
    • Adjusted font color so that the achievement progress can clearly be seen.
  • Other Adjustments/Fixes
    • Reworked Campaign Select UI to show more of the World Map.
    • Changed in-game Seasons to have an Early, Mid, and Late season. Each Season now lasts 3 turns. Also added a probable Weather effect for each turn.
    • Adjusted turn counter to support 3-digit numbers for those Endless Turn games.
    • Updated in-game UI to display necessary Hero, Terrain, and Improvement information like Defense Bonus, VP, Gold, etc.
    • Adjusted the Map Select UI to show all available maps and provide info on where to unlock currently locked maps.
    • Fixed the Stance icon on Battle Screen.
    • Added emotes to in-game chat.
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes and optimizations.





Patch Notes 06012016 – Preparation for 1v1 Tournament

We’re having a mid-week update to prepare for the upcoming Legends of Callasia 1v1 Tournament.

  • Card Adjustments
    • Adjusted Portal card to allow it to build a Portal on a City.
    • Fixed Sabotage card to properly damage improvements.
    • Adjusted Partisans card reinforce rate.
    • Adjusted Steal card to only take 25% of your Enemy’s income but increased its chances to be drawn from the deck.
    • Adjusted Imperial Guards card to only convert Men at Arms.
  • Game Balancing
    • Adjusted Terrain Defense Modifiers to make less powerful.
    • Adjusted Terrain Defense Modifiers to make Deserts and Wastes have negative modifier.
    • Adjusted Improvement, City, and City Improvement Modifiers to make them less powerful.
  • Map Adjustments
    • Added new kingdom to Aquilian Sea map for balancing.
    • Adjusted Istmar map for balancing.
    • Adjusted the sea lanes on Turan Sea for balancing.
  • Other Adjustments
    • Added hover function on UI elements to show tooltips.
    • Fixed small card image for Reinforce Phoenixes and Bribery.
    • Added Hero Death notification.
    • Added new Critter achievement.
    • Text adjustments for Tooltips and Card and Improvement Descriptions to make them easier to understand.
    • Removed VP related stuff for Campaigns since they serve no purpose there.
    • Fixed alignment issue for Game Summary.
    • Added a new notice for when Game Options get changed.
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes and stability improvements.