Patch Notes v1.0.1.6 – Account Creation Overhaul, Game Adjustments, and Bug Fixes


We just released an update which primarily changed our system for Account Creation due to a lot of feedback regarding the activation email not being received. There’s also a bunch of game adjustments and bug fixes for this one.

We’re also keeping the price of the game at USD 19.99 due to the issue regarding the verification of email addresses to make sure everyone gets a chance to get the game at said price.

Patch Notes v1.0.1.6

  • Account Creation Overhaul
    • New accounts will now require an alphanumeric account name.
    • New accounts do not require an email address.
    • Adding an email address to an account is now optional.
    • Previous accounts that used an email address will still be able to login by using their email address as the account name.
    • NOTE: We are going to be trying out this new system for now due to a lot of feedback from the players that do not receive the activation email. We’ll be constantly reviewing this and we might decide to do more adjustments or add restrictions in the future.
  • Gameplay Adjustments
    • Chat while setting up a game is now limited to that room only; use /yell (or /y) to send a message to players in the lobby.
    • Changed the behavior of Raze to always completely destroy an Improvement regardless of ownership.
    • Adjusted Savil’s Horde Master trait to provide 35 Population Limit instead of 50.
    • Adjusted Barrage unit trait to deal full damage to one target, and 50% damage to up to 1-3 other targets. Affected units – Archers, Furies, and Gunners.
    • Added Bombardment unit trait which deals full damage to one target, and 20% damage to up to 3-5 other targets. Changed Ballista and Artillery trait to Bombardment.
    • Changed Frontline unit trait to let Barrage, Bombardment, and Trample to hit multiple targets. With this change, Frontline units will always be the primary target of Barrage/Bombardment units while the other units can still be hit by the splash damage. For Trample, the excess damage can now carry over to other units if the Frontline units die from the Trample attack.
  • Campaign Adjustments
    • Revised Win Condition for the final objective of Human Campaign #7.
    • Fixed an issue regarding Revenant Campaign #2, #5, and #7 regarding enemy army color.
    • Fixed an issue where two of the Orc Tribes in Revenant Campaign #7 do not spawn heroes.
  • Card Adjustments
    • Shield Bearers and Fine Armor can now be played on non-Merchant heroes.
    • Fixed the issue with Partisans card providing more reinforcements to a Neutral Army when played on an ongoing battle.
    • Adjusted armies for Peasant Revolt, Summon Tentaklor, Power of the Woods, and Mercenaries.
    • Neutral Heroes spawned from Peasant Revolt, Summon Tentaklor, Power of the Woods, and Mercenaries will now start occupying the territory after one turn and their occupy state will now properly be broken if they are attacked.
  • Map Adjustments
    • Added the Thessonian Sea as a playable 2-player map. Note: Tutorial must be finished to unlock.
    • Adjusted starting kingdom for Position 1 of The Isthmus for balancing.
    • Added a new sea lane for Sargoth connecting Eastern Sargoth and Stonecutters Landing.
    • Fixed alignment issue regarding the Kingdom names for The Isthmus.
  • Others
    • Fixed an issue of not being able to reconnect if you get booted or disconnected from a Multiplayer game due to unstable connection.
    • Show your Display Name in Main Menu.
    • Adjusted sound for button click and mouse over.
    • Adjusted UI and text for Account Management due to Account Creation Overhaul.
    • Added info on how much gold you earn for that turn on the Seasons part of the UI.
    • Adjusted in-game emotes.
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes and game stability updates.