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Patch Notes 20160311(PC)


There’s a new update for Legends of Callasia, which includes two new campaign maps and another limited-edition hero available for those who purchased Early Access. Meet Tigris!


  • Introduced Faeborne Campaign 4 and Revenant Campaign 2. A new Map will be unlocked upon finishing each campaign level.
  • Introduced a new Early Access Faeborne hero. Those who already purchased Early Access should have it unlocked when you log into the game.
  • Beta release of Friend system that allows you to add other users as friends.
  • Global and Friend chat tabs.
  • Separated player color and player starting position in multiplayer setup.
  • Change “Esc” button behavior to either: (i) Close any open popups or (ii) Access in-game settings menu.
  • Added new critters.
  • Replaced “Load Game” button with a smaller button (diskette icon) found below the Settings button.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

Patch Notes 20160305 (PC)

We have a new update featuring new campaigns and a limited-edition hero as a thank you gift to those who purchased Early Access! 

  • Introduced Faeborne Campaign 3 and Revenant Campaign 1. A new Map will be unlocked upon finishing each campaign level. 
  • Introduced a new Early Access Human hero. Those who already purchased Early Access should have it unlocked when you log into the game. 
  • Added a system that checks for duplicate names when creating a new account or changing your display name. 
  • Added prototype to in-game chat tabs. 
  • Alliance between players or AI is more prominently shown while in game. 
  • Added new critters. 
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

To get a glimpse of other upcoming updates, catch our weekday livestreams at 12NN SGT / 8PM PST on our official Twitch channel: http://www.twitch.tv/legendsofcallasia


Patch Notes 20160226 (PC)

A new patch is up on Steam with the following changes:

  • Introduced Faeborne Campaign with 2 new scenarios.
  • Introduced email verification system. This is to ensure that the account you create is attached to a valid email that you can use to contact us with for support issues.
  • Prototyped an achievement system. The current working implementation does not yet sync to Steam. (We’re currently working on how these achievements will automatically sync to Steam’s achievement system.)
  • Fixed a bug where loading from a save game prevents training new units or awakening heroes.
  • AI tweaking and improvements.
  • Click on the clouds! Click on the clouds!
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bugfixes

Livestream Schedule for Twitch

Hi everyone!

Thanks again for checking out the game. As part of our Early Access, we’re opening our dev process through regular livestreams on our Twitch channel! Follow us to get notifications on when we are live: http://www.twitch.tv/legendsofcallasia

Here’s our current stream schedule (time and content may be subject to change without prior notice = game devs have flexible schedules!):

  • Monday 11AM SGT / Sunday 7PM PST: Weekly Status Update
  • Tuesday 12NN SGT / Monday 8PM PST: Playtesting/ Behind-the-Scenes
  • Wednesday 12NN SGT / Tuesday 8PM PST: Playtesting/ Behind-the-Scenes
  • Thursday 12NN SGT / Wednesday 8PM PST: Playtesting/ Behind-the-Scenes
  • Friday 12NN SGT / Thursday 8PM PST: Live Multiplayer

We’ll update you every week with our project plans, including where we are on our roadmap for Legends of Callasia. Behind-the-Scenes includes us playtesting upcoming features, maybe some scripting or painting, and other actual work. Comments and thoughts while we’re actually working are highly encouraged. You can also join us in multiplayer if you are online! Let us know if there’s anything else you want to see on our streams.

Here’s our latest broadcast with Chris and Nelson playtesting the new Faeborne campaigns (also Chris does a little dance somewhere in there): http://www.twitch.tv/legendsofcallasia/v/50220958

If you are also on Twitch, tell us if you will be livestreaming Legends of Callasia so we can host you. If you’re interested, we’re eager to supply you with whatever you need to make the stream awesome – including free game codes to use for your streams and giveaway to your viewers! Contact us for details: legends@boomzap.com

Let us know your thoughts! Hope you enjoy.

Patch Notes 20160219 (PC)

We have a new update available for Legends of Callasia! 


  • Introduced additional 2 scenarios to the Hundred Kingdom campaign. 
  • Fix loading from a saved game will not properly restore a skirmish’s turn limit properly. 
  • The user list in the lobby screen now shows an additional set of status indicators that determine if a user is available, away or busy. 
  • When a user is disconnected or dropped from a game for any reason, fix the possibility that the user remained disconnected improperly. 
  • Fix a bug where it is possible to access the hire and awaken panels over an enemy city or structure. 
  • Added the ability for a game host to “poke” a player who hasn’t committed by clicking the Start button; a user who remains idle and away from keyboard will also eventually get disconnected automatically. 
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes.