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Steam Keys, Underground Terrains, and Twitch Party on August 30


Hello again, especially to our Kickstarter backers!

First things first: we sent out the surveys for your backer rewards! Hope you’ll send us the names and info we need (if you still haven’t) so we can start implementing them in the game and have the DLC out as soon as possible. We’ve also sent out the Steam keys for the original game, if you pledged $25 and above. If you didn’t receive anything, please let us know.

And to celebrate the Kickstarter’s success, we would like to invite you all to a Twitch party onAugust 30, 10PM Eastern Standard Time (August 31, 10AM Singapore Time). Watch us live here: twitch.tv/legendsofcallasia

We can play some multiplayer matches on the main Legends of Callasia game, and show you some of our progress for the Stoneborne DLC.

Here are some WIPs of the new terrain types for Stoneborne’s underground maps!


Hope this helps those who are coming up with names for territories and kingdoms as part of their backer rewards. Currently we have the following terrain types: Orevein, Lichen Swamp, Ashwastes, Underplains, Fungal Forest, and Brokenlands.

In case you can’t make it to the livestream, you can chat with us over at our Discord server. The dev team is there as well as other Callasia players looking for people to play with. We’ll also post game updates and our stream schedules there.

Here’s the link to our Discord server: discord.me/legendsofcallasia

You can also send us a PM with your Discord username if you’d like to be tagged as one of our Kickstarter backers, and get automatic street cred!

Again, thank you very much for your support. See you at the Twitch party!

Kickstarter Update: [Day 23] One week left. Still working towards $4,000 stretch goal!

(Kickstarter Update #4)

Hey guys!

We have 7 days left for the Kickstarter campaign, and though we’ve reached our original funding goal and our first stretch goal (5 additional maps), we’re less than $500 USD away from our next stretch goal of $4,000 (playable Cavespawn).

Some of the limited high-tier rewards we have left are:

  • Uber Spawn ($500): Design a Cavespawn Hero – 1 slot left
  • Legend ($250): Design a Map – 3 slots left
  • Hero ($100): Name a Cavespawn Hero – 4 slots left

We’d also like to share with you the art process in making one of the new Stoneborne heroes. Here’s a timelapse video from sketch to final portrait. His name will come from one of the backers who pledged the Hero reward.

Again, thank you to everyone who has pledged so far and those who continue spreading the word about our project! We’re also grateful to those who have been dropping by on Twitch and Discord. Please continue supporting us and help us make the Stoneborne DLC a great game!

New Beta Build (now with Mac!)

We have just released a new beta build, with the following changes:

  • New large, six-player map!
  • A new merchant profession has been introduced, along with a host of new character traits and cards.
  • The card encyclopedia allows you to view all in-game cards to help you plan out your strategy.
    Improved and streamlined tutorial map.
  • Mac build now playable.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

You can download them below with complete instructions here:

Aside from the new Mac build, we’ve also set-up Android set up over the holidays and will be available once tested by QA. And, because the community has shown an interest in it, we’re also working on a Linux version to be released later.

More people have also been checking out the game and posting their game play videos:

Thank you for all the press that we have been getting. Please keep your comments and suggestions coming, and hope you’ll continue to share our project to your friends! Again thank you to everyone who has been supporting Legends of Callasia!

New Beta Build, Card Guide, Gameplay Videos, and Art Interview

We have just released a new beta build, with the following changes:

  • The skirmish screen has been streamlined, giving more useful options when starting a game and removing less useful options. Your starting position is now based on your selected colour unless the Random start position option is checked. Players can vie for the same position, and the actual positions will be assigned randomly.
  • The end of game screen has been improved, showing the game statistics once the game session has ended.
  • We have added a system of tooltips which let you gain quick tips on certain interface elements, such as the army order buttons. Simply click and hold (tap and hold on iOS) to see information on the specific button.
  • Terrain modifiers have been streamlined to a single defensive percentile modifier.
  • You can now queue up movement across several turns by dragging your hero around the map. As you do so, the number of turns necessary to reach the desired destination will be shown. Once you have committed your hero to the path, you can always cancel his orders and give him new ones.
  • A reject notice is now given in the chat window when a player rejects your game invitation.
  • When winning by Victory Points, you are required to hold your VPs for 3 turns now.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

You can download them below with complete instructions here:

By the way, if you’re having trouble choosing a hero or faction, here’s a quick card guide. We’re still working on implementing this in-game, but hope this screenshot helps for now.

More people have also been checking out the game and posting their gameplay videos:

Thank you as well to all the new press we’ve been getting, including this interview with our artists Edwin, Jaq, and Jun on Xmashed Gear. Check it out to see some concept art and WIPs of our heroes!

Please keep your comments and suggestions coming, and hope you’ll continue to share our project to your friends! We have currently reached over $4000, but still a long way until we complete our goal. And again, please do vote for us on Greenlight.

Update #6 – Creating the Revenant: Dalgar, Ul’mar, and Hel


Today we wanted to share some more art with you – this time some of the art for the Revenant heroes – the evil undead. We wanted to share not only the art, but a bit of the thought process behind why we went in the direction we did.


When you think of the undead, one of the most common things you think of is a skeleton. And obviously, we came up with an idea for a skeleton warrior as one of the heroes in the game. Usually, warriors come from some sort of tribal origin, with leather or animal hide as their armor, but we wanted a hero that is stronger and more regal. Someone that is of a higher rank, and can lead an army. Thus we changed the concept for Dalgar to a skeleton knight – upgraded his armor into steel, to match the overall heavy metal theme of the game, and donned him with a tattered cape, to complement his decaying body. As a finishing touch, we equipped him with weapons made of broken materials and bones.


Ulmar is an undead version of a wise, old wizard who succumbed to the dark arts – more specifically, raising the dead. We gave him a cloak, a magical staff, and a spellbook then decorated him with skulls and chains to complete the creepy necromancer look.


The concept for Hel was inspired by Norse mythology, from the underworld goddess of the same name, known for her hideous face. In Legends though, she practices necromancy as a student of Ulmar. As a younger hero, we did not include a full cloak. We also opted not to show too much of her distorted body, so we equipped her with armor and weaponry just like we did for Dalgar to create a different personality.