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Update #6 – Creating the Revenant: Dalgar, Ul’mar, and Hel



Today we wanted to share some more art with you – this time some of the art for the Revenant heroes – the evil undead. We wanted to share not only the art, but a bit of the thought process behind why we went in the direction we did.


When you think of the undead, one of the most common things you think of is a skeleton. And obviously, we came up with an idea for a skeleton warrior as one of the heroes in the game. Usually, warriors come from some sort of tribal origin, with leather or animal hide as their armor, but we wanted a hero that is stronger and more regal. Someone that is of a higher rank, and can lead an army. Thus we changed the concept for Dalgar to a skeleton knight – upgraded his armor into steel, to match the overall heavy metal theme of the game, and donned him with a tattered cape, to complement his decaying body. As a finishing touch, we equipped him with weapons made of broken materials and bones.


Ulmar is an undead version of a wise, old wizard who succumbed to the dark arts – more specifically, raising the dead. We gave him a cloak, a magical staff, and a spellbook then decorated him with skulls and chains to complete the creepy necromancer look.


The concept for Hel was inspired by Norse mythology, from the underworld goddess of the same name, known for her hideous face. In Legends though, she practices necromancy as a student of Ulmar. As a younger hero, we did not include a full cloak. We also opted not to show too much of her distorted body, so we equipped her with armor and weaponry just like we did for Dalgar to create a different personality.

Update #5 – Week 1: Status Report


It’s been one week since we launched our Kickstarter campaign and you must be wondering what’s our progress so far.

Currently we’re at around $2000, and it’s still a long way until we reach our funding goal, but the team continues to build the game and test its core features everyday, particularly the multiplayer mode. As we play the game, we’ve developed a mindset that we can also apply to this Kickstarter campaign: “improvise, adapt, overcome.” We’re thinking this could be a good tagline for Legends of Fire & Steel!

We’re also exploring other game options to make the game even more fun, while the artists are improving the visuals and special effects. In case you missed it, we’ve updated our project description with GIFs showcasing the new UI! Also, check out the new images for the backer rewards – it’s clearer now what additional item you get when you go up a tier.

We were also mentioned by some press and maybe you’d like to check them out!

Thank you very much for the kind words. If there are any we may have missed, please inform us so we can send our thanks. :)

Do you have suggestions or comments you’d like to share? Please let us know! We’d be happy to read them. Your feedback is very important in the success of this project, and again, feel free to share the word to your friends! The more backers, the merrier.

Update #4 – More About Our Game Idea



Again, we thank you for helping us fund this project. For us, it means that either you support the new direction our studio is taking, or that you believe in our game idea and want to see it actually happen (or could be another reason, and we thank you still the same).

So what is our idea actually?

We want to make a game that:

  • We also like to play: a multiplayer strategy game
  • Plays well on a tablet, so we can relax at the same time
  • Solves the age-old problem of multiplayer games: no waiting for other players to finish their turns
  • Is not free-to-play: no energy requirement, no stopping players at certain levels, no buying victories – you win because you’re the better player
  • Challenges players to become the best: leaderboards that rank users worldwide, per region, per map, etc.

And that’s it for today’s update. Please help us make this campaign successful by telling your friends about us on Facebook, Twitter, and everywhere else. The more people who pledge, the closer we are to our goal. Again, thank you very much!

Update #3 – Fancy gameplay GIFs are here! (Updated UI)

A few people have told us “Hey man, good Kickstarters have GIFs!”

Well, we’re more than happy to oblige… so – we made a bunch of super cool GIFs to help explain the gameplay. All of these are taken directly from the actual, playable prototype of the game – so they aren’t mockups, they are actual current gameplay. Hopefully they help explain exactly how the game works better than words.

Check them out HERE.

Update #2 – Creating the Fae: Krysbur, Cobbs, and Izmuth


Hey there! We hope everyone’s having a great weekend. So far we’ve been getting wonderful comments about the art – now let us show you how we’ve created some of these heroes.

The Fae are the nature-inspired, the original inhabitants of Callasia. Most of them have distinguished animal characteristics, like Krysbur and Cobbs.


Krysbur has a pretty simple development history. I think bears are cool, and I wanted one in the game. They came back with some sort of bear-human ideas, and I was like, “No. I want a bear. Like a real f-ing bear. With like a necklace of skulls or something. I want to play as a big kick-ass bear” – and they brought forth this art. I was pleased. They named it Krysbur – for “Chris Bear” – if you want to back at the hero-naming level… you can give him a better name. :)


Cobbs, on the other hand, is purely a creation of the artists, who wanted a “lizard man” but wanted something different than what they always see in games… so they took their inspiration from an actual salamander. I have no idea why they named it Cobbs – sounds like a Space Marine name from Aliens, to me. Again – if you think you can name him (her?) better… throw down some money!


Meanwhile, we’ve also drawn inspiration from classic mythical fantasy creatures such as the centaur – like Izmuth here. In truth, we had a lot of history with centaurs from the Awakening series – where we always wanted to have more centaurs, but for the longest time our publishers kept telling us “Nobody likes centaurs!” and we were all “What the hell? Centaurs are cool!” Well, it’s our game now, and without a publisher, we can put in as many centaurs as we want, and make them as badass as we want!