Legends of Callasia is an original world conquest strategy game inspired by Civilization, Heroes of Might and Magic, and Risk. It has an original simultaneous gameplay mechanic where players can plan and resolve their turns all at the same time. Easy to pick up and learn, the game has a classic tabletop feel, allowing players to build and control heroes and armies, build castles and cities, and control territories and kingdoms. It allows for thrilling games with up to 8 players that are playable in just a couple hours.

About the Project

About Boomzap

Boomzap is an independent game studio with developers working virtually from all over the world - predominantly Southeast Asia. Our founders Chris Natsuume and Allan Simonsen have more than 35 years of combined experience in the gaming industry. Since founding Boomzap in 2005, we have released a variety of games for several platforms including PC, Mac, Wii, iOS, and Android. The Legends of Callasia team includes some of our oldest and most experienced staff from Malaysia and the Philippines.


Boomzap started its development of a multiplayer strategy game in early 2015, then known as Legends of Fire and Steel. The developers later on decided to rename the game to Legends of Callasia, and opened it up for beta testing during its Greenlight campaign in December 2015. After two weeks, Legends of Callasia was successfully Greenlit and then launched as an Early Access title in February 2016. This is also when the team started sharing its development on the livestreaming platform, Twitch. The game was continually improved based on feedback from its growing community until its official launch in June 2016 for PC and Mac. An iPad version was also released on the App Store in September 2016. The Google Play release followed on December 2016, but only for Android tablets. The game was eventually made available for Android phones on February 2017.


Choose a faction and awaken the legendary heroes to lead your armies and destroy enemy forces! Build cities, conquer kingdoms, and form or break alliances on tabletop-style maps with bonus cards that can turn the tide of battle. Follow the story of the factions in single-player campaign missions, or test friendships in online multiplayer with an original simultaneous turn-based system that adds deep strategic elements in predicting other players’ moves. Fight your way to the top of the leaderboard, and dominate the fantasy world of Callasia!


The game includes 30 single-player campaign missions, over 25 playable characters, and thousands of lands to control! There are three factions to choose from - The Hundred Kingdoms, The Faeborne, and The Revenant - each with their own unique heroes, units, and cards. More than 35 tabletop-style can be unlocked for skirmish and online multiplayer games, which are playable up to 8 players. Coming soon on iPad and Android tablets, players can just pay once and play on all platforms.

The Stoneborne Expansion

Due to player demand and after a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, Legends of Callasia launched its first expansion, The Stoneborne, which centers on a new playable faction. It follows the Dwarf faction back into the Great Dark, and features maps that are set underground. It includes a new set of campaigns, a total of 11 new playable heroes, improved Dwarf units, more cards, 20 additional maps, and more exciting content. It also introduces a new enemy faction, the Cavespawn.


Official Trailer YouTube

The Stoneborne Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Best Multiplayer Game" - 1st International Mobile Gaming Awards 2017
  • "Excellence in Gameplay" - 1st International Mobile Gaming Awards 2017
  • "Editors Pick for Creativity" - SlideDB App of the Year 2016
  • "Multiplayer Game of the Year - Runnerup" - Pocket Tactics Best of 2016
  • "Best Made-in-Singapore Game - Finalist" - The Straits Times Digital Awards 2017
  • "People's Choice Awards - Nominee" - 13th International Mobile Gaming Awards 2017

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Co-Founder, Technical Director

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Co-Founder, Creative Director

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