Patch Notes 20160311(PC)


There’s a new update for Legends of Callasia, which includes two new campaign maps and another limited-edition hero available for those who purchased Early Access. Meet Tigris!


  • Introduced Faeborne Campaign 4 and Revenant Campaign 2. A new Map will be unlocked upon finishing each campaign level.
  • Introduced a new Early Access Faeborne hero. Those who already purchased Early Access should have it unlocked when you log into the game.
  • Beta release of Friend system that allows you to add other users as friends.
  • Global and Friend chat tabs.
  • Separated player color and player starting position in multiplayer setup.
  • Change “Esc” button behavior to either: (i) Close any open popups or (ii) Access in-game settings menu.
  • Added new critters.
  • Replaced “Load Game” button with a smaller button (diskette icon) found below the Settings button.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.